Act 3

Act 3

Only the fool opens his ears between the twists and turns. You’ve been holding it all in, why don’t you get it already (?) just look around you.

They say never trust me, but you already trust me // you made it out of the vision flip district but boy, you’re in deep. Perhaps this is where the path is set to take us - are you prepared for the ride?   

No matter how hard you try, you’re only as strong as your weakest link.

Embrace Me (Akuni)

Breath of today breeds the psychological warfare of tomorrow.

Underappreciated // Neglected ...

It’s obvious the trumpets fail to be heard.

The perception is Flawed

We’ve been here 17 times already.

This is no miracle drug,

Control yourself.

As for me, I am bizarre by nature.

I am bizarre by nature, and I know you love it. It gives us life while staring at death with feelings of inadequacy. It wakes us when melancholy feeds us boredom. Grounds the glory when the grass becomes too green.

We truly are fascinating, Amario... Toby.

So, what do you think you’re doing casting yourself to the depths?


Do you believe they’ll see us as abnormal?
We want answers.
Therefore, embrace me.
I am your reality.
(Vision Flip District)


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