About Glimpse

Forever representing underground fashion created through a distinct vision. Originating in New York, Glimpse visualizes a perception with / without bias surrounding chaos and order. 37 Days of an inadequate realization followed by a senseless route extending to Week 47 ; With no years to spare, 57 Months is what it took to escape the garden and subside in front of a lesser evil. 


Some learn the hard way, here I am now.  The fallen ones- this is for them. As close as a room away yet further than a multitude of language barriers. Before me rested a district of countless flipped realities. Strides past the imbalance like there's no tomorrow even when I truly believed there wasn’t one.

With rare 1 of 1 products brought to you through subsequent individuality and bizarre nature the concept remained, “I wish you can see what I see”. Yet down below to the valley set in stone the belief that we may not even have the same eyes- do we? Equipped to unshackle the misfortune bred by blurred insight ; to influence a rather morbid liberation towards glory. Glory that may only be contained by awareness and purpose.

 -Amario & Toby