FAQs & Essentials

What does GLIMPSE represent?

We strive to express a route in heavy response towards the concepts of individuality, and bizarre nature.

We do not seek to provide mystery as a result but rather a source to identify the flaws of sense of self in both abstract and concrete demeanors.

It is up to each individual to decide whether or not they act with the exposure of profound knowledge and truths.

The value behind each GLIMPSE piece.

Each GLIMPSE piece is handmade and 1 of 1 and may contain slight flaws in order to embrace the imperfection of the creation.

Intricate and validated with its own special aspects ranging from an internal dream-like state to the deep dark depths of external realities.

How can I access the Hidden Gates Collection ?

After connecting with the Lunacy Garden down below, you may enter the Hidden Gates.

A harsh reality that re-evaluates one’s purpose through exhibiting a set of exclusive releases that cannot be perceived from the outside.